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A set of carved candles - price is for 2 candles - basic color is black, and as the auxiliary - peach and mint color.
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Carved candles that combine contrasting colors, a very spectacular interior, attractive eyes. To wish, I can grant carved candles in any color combination, different patterns of artistic carving.
Carved handmade candles are warm and bright gift for the loved ones. Carved candle one of a kind, the second such You will not find, as the manual work is unique. The more valuable it becomes such a gift Carved candle handmade.
Attention - carved candle charges a positive, uplifting and pushing on an adventure! ) The ignition be carved candles indicated for depression, migraines and depression to understand that life is beautiful!
Carved candles are made with love, good humor, and together with the wick in a candle includes the positive! Carved candles shown as a gift to family, friends, and acquaintances. For a special occasion - and without! Carved candle handmade is a unique and valuable gift that will leave a lasting impression!

SHIPPING _________ I will ship the candles worldwide for two years, so You can be assured of a safe delivery and original form of candles. Shipping takes on average two weeks. May be extended to 30 days. The candles for the celebration and the gift it is better to book in advance. The candle is attached to normal shipping, if You need a shortcut method - email me, I will offer options.

CARE CANDLES _______ Carved candles must be protected from direct sunlight to paint the spark remained bright, and the shape of the candles is not lost. Candles not to drop is quite fragile, fine! When burning candles are not left unattended and use a candlestick! The most important thing to care is to love the candle, and enjoy it )
Care recommendations:
1. Don't place burning a carved candle unattended.
2.Do not light the carved candle near flammable objects.
3. Use the candlestick.
4. Do not light a candle carved in the draft.
5. Follow the height of the wick, trim it regularly to a level of 0.6 - 0.8 cm from the level of the wax lake.
6. Ensure that the wax lake did not contain extraneous matter: wick trimmings, matches, etc.
7. Carved candles should be stored in a cool ( not exceeding 26 - 27 gr.) dark and dry place.
8. Make sure that the carved candle stand on a level surface, otherwise they can deform.
9. Don't place carved candles in the sun, they can deform and the colors to fade.

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Carved candles set carved candle carved candle gift carved 814138161906

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